How do I make a guy jealous?

how do I make this guy jealous so he likes me, but there is a little problem. HE LIKES ANOTHER GIRL AND SHE IS MY FRIEND!!! I dont know what to do he is my biggest crush now and another guy likes me and I was thinking of “dating” him until the that I like likes me back. what do I do?

Answer #1

I wouldnt try to make him jealous. I tried to do that with this guy I thought I loved and he got all pissed off and moved on and it broke my heart. also the guy who you are trying to make him jealous with will be really hurt in the end. have you ever seen angus thongs and perfect snogging? just look at what happened in that when georgia led dave the laugh on then ditched him, it aint gonna end well. and you might hurt your friend which could create rumours at your school and you may end up not having many friends left.

Answer #2

but who says I am a good friend^^^

Nobody said you ARE… I merely implied the tactful course of action. If you want to be selfish and underhanded (and have to deal with the consequences) …then go ahead…

Answer #3

I would just like to point out the ‘so he likes me’ part. If he doesn’t like you, he wont get jealous. There has to be some emotion or it ain’t gonna fly because he wont give a damn.

Answer #4

Howabout you grow up, move on, and quit trying to cause drama. If you were a GOOD friend, you wouldn’t be jeopardizing your friendship in such a selfish way…

Answer #5

flirt with his friends, & when he tries to talk to you, be as short as posssible.

then later on, start talking to him more.

Answer #6

but who says I am a good friend^^^

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