How to make the guy I like jealous?

Well I liked this guy I new him for a long time. He really liked me. But we didint go out.. We were gona before I fuked it up.. We were gona meet up and a week before that I had to mess it all up..I didint listen to him.. And when he said call me I never did.. And we got in a fight. About me ditchiing school a lot of times. He cared. And I didint understand that. Now his trying to make me jealous online oh myspace his talking to every single chick.. And not just talk.. And funny this is its in comments. Also his display name is iscore on hoes! When I saw that omg. I dunoo wut his trying to do? Make me jealous and learn my lesson or what? You think he well ever get back with me? I mean I no I wont call or message him first… Soo I need some help on how to get him back.. Because we dont ignoring him wont help. Because we dont talk. Any other advises?!?! Please help me out! Thank u=]

Answer #1

Be the better person and back off. If you go and try and make him jealous, your just as low as he is. He’s doing it to make him mad, don’t let it. Move on.

Answer #2

Ok, exactly.. if he is stooping that low just to make you jealous he is not worth it.. if you guys are meant to be.. he will come back to you in time.. :] good luck.

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