Who knows if their are any major health benefits to eating oatmeal?

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yes! fiber! it is good for weight loss and overall health, when eaten in moderation.

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I actually brought down my cholesterol changing my diet and eating oatmeal every morning.

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i hate oatmeal -_-

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i hate oatmeal -_-

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i hate oatmeal -_-

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i hate oatmeal -_-

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Wow Arthur you must really hate oatmeal lolz jk =)

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It is great for lowing bad cholesterol, its a good source of insoluble fibre, and it has a low GI, so it releases energy slowly.

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Oats comes with a lot of health benefits and recommended to people focusing on a healthy lifestyle. One of the best recipes to make out oats are desserts. Oatmeals Desserts takes care of sweet cravings and doesn’t add up calories too.


Boil water in a pan and place a bowl of dark chocolates for melting.

To read the full recipe go on Living Foodz:

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