lyric poem...

how do you write a lyric poem?

Answer #1

You just take what your heart is saying.

Answer #2

Yes - a ‘lyric’ poem is simply one that focuses on feelings, not events (like epic poetry). Originally lyric poems were usually set to music (lyric = the musical instrument the lyre)

Lyric poems are short. There’s no set form, but many poets like to use regular rhythm (metre) and rhyme.

To write one, first start with some strong feeling you’ve had - and then, as xemoxpyrox said, just let your heart speak.

Answer #3

A lyric poem is always simple, it never really tells a story, but it expresses a lot of emotion. Here Is one I wrote myself for a literature assignment. it is called “Spring”. Birds are nesting, bees are buzzing.Spring is a wonderful thing.

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