What are good quotes from poems or lyrics?

I’m heading to bed, but ill be back on tomorrow. I’ve been obsessed with quotes/poems/song lyrics for as long as I can remember. If anyone has any of that and they feel like sharing..go ahead! it can be of any category. I’m pumped to hear what you guys have. Later!

Answer #1

From “The Good Left Undone” by Rise Against

“All because of you I believe in angels not the kind with wings, no not the kind with haloes, the kind that bring you home, when home becomes a strange place, I’ll follow your voice, all you have to do is shout it out!”

Answer #2

“I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are really good at heart” ~anne frank haha thats all I can think of rite now

Answer #3

These are Audioslave lyrics from the song The Worm off the album Out Of Exile. As my first tattoo, I hope to be getting soon, I will be getting these lyrics tattooed on my inner/upper arm! :) ‘Was a time early in life, when I hated everything.’ I loveee you, Chris Cornell! =P

Also, here is a poem Dylan Klebold wrote. He was one of the shooters, along side Eric Harris who shot up Columbine High School. 4/20/99 R.I.P Harris and Klebold!

‘The lonely man strikes, with absolute rage.’

Answer #4

lol “for their never was a story more woe; then this of juliet and her romeo” -shakespeares romeo and juliet :P

Answer #5

dont waste your time, or time will waste u. knights of cydonia, MUSE.

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