Would anyone have a lyric or poem idea

Would anyone have a lyric or poem idea I can print for my daughter who is incarcerated? Something encouraging or to help her cope while she’s in there.

Answer #1

Something you know she like to do. Something you know you’ll do together when she get out. BUT, I’ve been in jail before, and I didn’t like to have much contact with the outside world. I just wanted to be left alone, do my time and forget about it. I don’t know how it’s in the prison where she is, but the only thing that made me more happy about my situation was when my friends got me a guitar to play when locked up, and working out.

Mind you that I live in Norway, and the prisons here are almost like summercamps! Hah hah. (Of course that depend on why you are incarcerated). Where do you live, and what kind of security is she under?

Maybe you should get her something she likes to do as well? If she¨s going to be there for a while it’s weird how things suddenly become interesting. Books, drawing, painting,,, maybe you could ask her to write you a poem on what she wanna do when she get out? And send her some pictures.

Feel free to mail me if you don’t wanna get too detailed here.

Anyway, Good Luck.

Answer #2

I know I’ve made mistakes in my past I know you still love me, but how long will that last you are so special to me I just wish that I could be free that I could me me be who I wanted to be when I’m free from my world of darkness and tears I will get out and chase away all my fears the things I wanna say to you come inbetween things I say,or do,or plan I can between my pride and my promise between my lies and how the truth gets in the way the things I wanna say to you in anythig I say or do or plan I can between my pride and my promise between the lies and how the truth gets in the way.

  • the part that starts with (things I wanna say to you) is a part from a Linkin Park song so you might find that the song In Between by Linkin Park might help.
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