low calorie foods and exercise?

what are some good low calorie foods? im trying to lose weight and I dont really like to eat whole meals id rather eat several tiny things during the day and what are some affective fat burning workout ideas?

thanks <3

Answer #1

celery, popcorn(no butter or from the bag), green tea

Answer #2

I got the following from : http://www.weightlossforall.com/low-calorie-food-list.htm

“Beans mung dried boiled 100 cals 100 cals Low Beans runner boiled 15 cals 25 cals Very low Broccoli 20 cals 30 cals Very low Brussels sprouts 20 cals 32 cals Low Canderel sweetener 10 cals / tablet - Low Cottage cheese low fat 80 cals 80 cals Low Fish any white fresh poached 150-200 / fillet 110 cals Low Fromage Frais low fat 65 cals 55 cals Low-Med Hunts bitter lemon drink 2 (125ml) 1 cal Low-Med Hunts bitter Ginger ale drink 2 (125ml) 1 cal Low Hunts bitter orange drink 2 (125ml) 1 cal Low Lentils 70 cals 50 cals Low Macaroni (boiled) 238 cals (250g) 95 cals Low Mayonnaise weight watchers 45 cals (1 Tbsp ) 300 cals Lowe Muesli sugar-free 180 cals (50g) 360 cals Low Noodles (boiled) 175 cals (250g) 70 cals Low Pasta ( normal boiled ) 330 cals (300g) 110 cals Low Pasta (wholemeal boiled ) 315 cals (300g) 105 cals Low Peas chick boiled 115 cals 115 cals Low Porridge oats (with water) 193 cals (350g) 55 cals Low Potatoes (boiled) 210 cals (300g) 70 cals Low Rice (white long grain) 420 cals (300g) 140 cals Low Rice ( Brown ) 405 cals (300g) 135 cals Low Spaghetti (boiled) 303 cals (300g) 101 cals Low Tofu 90 cals 73 cals Low Yogurt virtually fat-free 50 cals (1 small pot) 40 cals Low “

I got the following from : http://www.beautytipsonline.com/low_calorie.htm

Prepackaged, frozen meals - Weight Watchers has “Smart Ones,” there’s Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, and now the South Beach diet. I buy whatever looks good and/or is on sale, not because I am following a particular diet. These foods are healthy and offer variety.

Canned soup - Read the labels. Companies usually list more than one serving per can, so the calories and sodium are more that what you see at first glance. Healthy soups are costlier but the cans are larger and they’re chunkier. Regular soup is fine as long as you keep track of calories, fat calories, and sodium.

Fat-Free hot dogs or chicken patties - These take some getting used to but they’re filling and guilt-free. Some brands are unpalatable and simply not worth the extra money.

Lean lunch meat - A sandwich with lean lunch meat and some mustard or fat-free mayo will get you by until your next meal. It may cost more but there’s no denying the difference between lean and regular. Again, read the labels.

Rice cakes - Plain rice cakes are only around 35 calories. Unsalted ones have very little sodium and are healthier. Other flavors are available and quite good. Even though they have a few more calories, they’re worth the extra treat.

Bullion cubes - Dieting often makes you feel chilled. Drink bullion cubes dissolved in hot water to warm up and get a little food content. The only downside is that they’re packed with salt, so don’t get carried away.

Reduced calorie crackers & chips - These are good snacks that satisfy a need for crunchy foods. By keeping this craving under control, you’ll reduce the chance of binging later on. Yes, you need to count the crackers and chips if you’re counting calories. My favorites are reduced-calorie Cheese Nips, Wheat Thins and fat-free Pringles.

Breakfast and granola bars - Crunchy breakfast bars come in many different flavors and can be eaten as a fast meal if you’re eating several times a day or as a satisfying snack.

Lowfat cottage cheese - Add a 1/2 cup of cottage cheese to your diet to balance it out. You’ll get dairy benefits and only about 80 calories.

Cherry tomatoes - Besides the other fruits and vegetables that I like, a medium cherry tomato is packed with flavor and only has 5 calories.

Light yogurt - Light yogurt has more calories than what I’d like, but it’s a treat. Pick your favorite flavor and reward yourself when your sweet tooth kicks in.

Popcorn - Surprised? I don’t mean the prepackaged popcorn that you pop in the microwave, most of it is packed with calories and sodium. What’s healthy is the old-fashioned, natural kernels that you need to pop in a hot-air popper. This gives you control of what is added. Still, you need to eat in moderation.

Currently, you can find healthy mini-bags such as Orville Redenbacher’s Smart Pop® that you just pop in the microwave. This will add only 100 calories to your diet and quench your desire for munchies. A perfect snack.

Pickles - Load up on dill pickles and dill slices. This makes a nice “side dish” or snack and helps fill you up without giving you calories. Other pickles, such as “bread and butter” give you calories, so make sure you read the label.

Cool Whip - Are you an ice cream addict? Next time you have a craving, eat some frozen Cool Whip Light instead.

Sugar-Free Jello - Available in a large variety of flavors, you’re in for a refreshing treat. Prefer pudding? look for Jello pudding cups that contain a mere 60 calories per cup.

Light Bread - Wonder light bread has only 40 calories per slice. Regular bread is around 60 per slice. That means eating a sandwich with light bread will save you 40 calories – another slice of light bread!

Condiments and spreads - Did you know that mustard has zero calories? The calorie content of ketchup varies by the brand. Either way, you need to count and add them to your daily list. Mayo is packed with calories so it’s best to stick with the fat-free version (Kraft is my favorite brand.)

Butter or margarine is another no-no but you can find brands that offer fat-free spread although they sacrifice taste. Look for low-cal sprays for tasty veggies and grilled-cheese sandwiches. For a welcome change, spruce up a salad with healthy salsa sauce instead of salad dressing.

Beverages - Water is very beneficial to feeling full and satisfied. Your body needs extra water when it’s eliminating fat, so stay hydrated. Tea, diet sodas and sugar-free drink mixes add variety and all count towards your liquid/water intake. Fat-free hot chocolate is perfect for chocolate cravings and warms you up on a cold winter day.

Answer #3

take breakfast regularly, dont skip it, have a balanced lunch with vegetables and fruits in the afternoon, take a tea after every four hours… have a light dinner in the night.. please take 4 hours before sleep

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