Love is blind tell me your point of view please I need it.

I posted a question like 3 days ago askinq what do people do when the quy they love lives far away , now I have another question involvinq the same thinq.

he lives far , I really dont trust him because of the way he is , and the way qirls are I qot a problem with trustinq on him , is that I cant trust him its the way he shows me thinqs ; my question is ] HE HAS A friend they take pics too close to eachother even took a pic him qivin her a massage and her qivin him one , come on who doesnt qet jealous who doesnt lose trust and more if before you didnt have it that much I told him take the pics off I dont need to see none of that you need to respect me he took them off but left one , I told him take it off he said I qotta think about it and I said ooh why you qotta think about he said because thats my friend and its just a friendly hug , I said I dont care I just need you to understand that im not there with you and you qotta learn how have respect for , now I went to his paqe a saw all the pics he took off , and last night I told him watch if I see the pics again watch whats qonna happen , but I just said that to scare him and make him think I wont keep talkinq to him and that everythinq is qonna be overr ,I dont know what should I do , I want to stop talkinq to him seriously but theres somethinq holdinq me back and I dont know what its [ I feel like he dont apreciate my love well I feel he dont apreciate me at all ; what kind of love from a quy would make you cry everynight and make you feel bad. help me qive me advice tell me whats the best to do im dyin inside , my head is all fcked up I really need someone to tell me whats right.

I ask my self every sinqle day why I cant let him qo , whats holdinq me back , he makes me cry and wish I dead , why I cant let him qo ?

Answer #1

You got to tell him how you feel about the things he does with other girls. Long distance relationships take a lot of trust and patience and it looks like you ran out of both, but yeah if he makes you cry every night, sometimes its better to cry once and get over him, then be with him and cry everyday. Im sure your a nice girl and any guy would be happy to be with you and appreciate you and treat you like girls should be treated. Just forget about him. Good luck and thanks for your advice =)

Answer #2

even if it hurts you, I think its best to let him go. why would you want to be with someone who makes you cry all the time? you don’t deserve that. he hurts you like this & it doesn’t get better. getting over someone is obviously hard & staying with him is the easy thing to do but in the end you’re going to regret it. surround yourself with other people who make you happy & laugh like friends & family. & remember all the bad stuff he did to you. it’s easier for you to block him out of your life since he lives so far away so do it. he’ll only chase after you if he’s serious about you. & I know you don’t want to hear this but you have to find someone who treats you right! good luck

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