How should I tell hi the truth? Need help today please!

How do you get over a guy that doesn’t like you? Thats the drama im going trough right now…it all started when my “friend” ashley made this stupid note saying I loved this guy..and I really didnt even know that note existed…and well she gived it to him and well he got pissed off..(who wouldnt anywys?) anyways well his friend told my friend that well he didnt like me..and well yeah I heard when his friend told my friend soo yeahh I belived her…anyways now that guy thinks im a freakin stalker always asking him out! And well I dont want him to think that about me..I know he doesnt like me..and well it did hurt but I want to tell him I didnt write that note..but what if he doesnt want to talk to me? How can I tell him it wasnt me who wrote that note? Now hes stupid is telling me”hey you like esteban && he doesnt like you” and it makes me mad and sad..what should I do? I need advice to tell him tommorow..

Answer #1

just go up and talk to him. or tell your friend that she needs to tell him the truth and to say that it was her who wrote that note. or if talking doesnt work just copleatly ignore him and what others are saying. pretend like you dont even hear them

Answer #2

This delima was not of your making - I’d tell Ashley to prove she’s not a back-stabber and do the right thing and she tell him you had nothing to do with that note, so please don’t have bad feelings towards Stefani…I wish you the best !!

Answer #3

ask your friend to go to him and tell him the truth. then you too should talk about u’ll friendship,and eventually everyone will stop making fun of u

Answer #4

Also, you may want to re-evaluate this friendship - a good friend looks after your best interests - supports you when you’re right - lets you know when you’re wrong and would never do anything to intentionally hurt your feelings or portray you in a bad light…Take care !!

Answer #5

im with penguin1818 on this one

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