Who knows if a lot of people drop out of or switch courses during the first week of University?

I am currently trying to switch the times of one of my courses and then add a different course, but both courses are full. My school is starting the 13th and the last day to get a course is the 26th.

Answer #1

anatomy and medical terminology so far thats what i hear them complaining about and 2 that i know dropped out

Answer #2

Yes, opening in classes usually open up the first week that school is starting…or the deadline for tuition fees, when alot of students didnt make all their payments and lose their classes they open up.

Answer #3

Different universities have different rules so you will have to consult your catalog and academic calendar. At my school you could add classes in the first week and sometimes places would open up in full sections from students dropping or not showing up; also sometimes you can get a signature from the professor allowing you to get into a full section.

If all the sections are full you may be able to sign up for “special problems” where you will work on the same course material largely on your own supervised by a professor.

Answer #4

As filletofspam mentioned earlier, you need to check with the rules and regulations of your school. In my school, the first week is called ‘add and drop’ where all students are allowed to add and drop classes. In this period of time, some students might not like their teachers or the class timings arent very suitable therefore they change. SO if you have your hopes high on that, stay optimistic.

Answer #5

My school’s policy is like this also. I was just wondering about the amount of students dropping courses and such. Because I am hoping to get into a course.

Answer #6

Probably a lot. Wait around, odds are you’ll get in. If not, go ask for an override.

Answer #7

What’s an override?

Answer #8

In some classes you can ask the professor to sign your registration form saying they will allow you to take the course even though it is full. This is generally up to the professor and also depends on how many seats there actually are in the class.

Answer #9

Thank you TY so much! Seriously :}

Answer #10

yeah TY helped me alot as well:)

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