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so im a freshman in college and this is my first quarter. I attend a very known university. it took a lot of hard work in high school for me to get here, but now that I am here I dont know if I can handle it
im used to being one of the smartest people in my school, not the smartest but in the top half. there are always people that are less smart than me, so it kind of makes me feel good
however, here I feel as if im the dumbest one! the other freshman were like valedictorians in their high schools...and im the farthest thing away from that!
I just got my grade for my first midterm and I got a not used to these grades!
I know that I need to study more but the thing that really bothers me is that my friend, who is attending a school that is way easier to get into than mine, just told me that she got an A on her first midterm
I always got better grades than her so this really makes me feel like crap!!
please...make me feel better before I drop out :(

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Forget about how things used to be in highschool, you are now in college. Understand that things won't ever be the same. Neither as easy nor as simple as back then.
Well, if you feel you need to study more, then do it, I agree with athleta here, you're just lazy. Comprehend that college is just another challenge, and you need to find a way of clearing it the best way possible. Dropping out is something you can do if you really feel like it, but remember, you can drop out of college, but you'll never drop out of life. And if you want to be able to step up to whatever comes your way in the future, then you better start now.

And as for your friend, she's getting A's...but so what?! You aren't gonna get anything out of it if she gets F's as well! So, instead of focusing on her, focus on yourself...not to mention that you seem to be a lousy friend, you should feel happy for her in the first place.

So, forget your glory days of high school, understand that you've grown and you're not a kid anymore. And step up to your task!

Note: You're depressed about a 78% ? Tsk, us we're busy getting 50% and 60% yet we still don't falter...

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Don't give up. You have it easy. I'm at west point and we don't have 3 days of class and rest of week you have freetime. We have class every day. We do PT and do drills. On top of that we do field excersises and leadership trainng classes. All in one day everyday with homework from each class. I have a 95 average in all my classes. Ironically I almost failed high school.

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nvm :) I thought I had done bad but it turns out I actually did really good so im still as smart as I used to be...thanks for your advise though..
oh and I have class every day. I wish it was only 3 days a week..
and of course im happy for my friend. I was just using it as a comparison of how things have really changed for me.

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***...make me feel better before I drop out***

your a big girl now. college is hard. deal with it.

***I know that I need to study more but ***

but??? you know that you need to study more. what are you whining about.

your solution is just that. you already know it. your just lazy.

if you drop out, your just being a baby.

drop the class. try again. dont drop out...

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