What should I know about the people in college?

Are you in college and if you are what is a good thing to know about the people?

Answer #1

Dear greenheart, Speak with someone who is in the college you will be attending. If you are asking as a general question: college has a verity of people and their choices. When I was in college there were several different groups…some were the popular, the older, the drinkers, the nerds etc. etc. sounds just like high school…well there is a lot the same but everyone is older and not necessarily wiser. Sue…good luck

Answer #2

At Saint Cloud State University. A good thing to know about people is their cleanliness habits. That’s a definite. You don’t want the room to stink if you’re going to end up living with someone else. From what I’ve heard, there is usually a roommate agreement that the Residential Life has you look over together. If you’re looking to just get to know people, by all means just wander around, ask to sit next to someone at lunch. It really is that easy, you’d be surprised. I personally have not done any of it, I’m more of a recluse and enjoy my privacy. But there are a few people of which I hang out with here.

Answer #3

yeah im in college…u can know their feelings & opinion for u,their styles,attitude & the way they behave

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