Lost in the woods with one person who would it be and why?

Lost in the woods with one person who would it be and why?

Answer #1

My boyfriend because he’s hella ghetto (not like one of those people who are TRYING to be ghetto but he seriously grew up poor his whole life) so he knows how to handle pretty much any situation thrown at him and can make something out of nothing. He have a very creative mind and the strength to put it together.

Answer #2

YEAH ashman2020.. Bear from ultimate survival.. He has been in Special ops.. this man will turn the wild into a theme park.. Like you said.. broke his back in three plces from a dodgy parachute jump.. But bounced back.. This Dude rides white water rappids with just a ruck sack to hang onto.. NO CANOE OR RUBBER DINGY.. Bear Rocks!!!

Answer #3

I would b in the woods with joe jonas because we would think of so many things 2 do!!!

Answer #4

my crush, this could giv us a chance 2 get 2 know each other more and I’d finally be able to tell him how much I like him. might as well make it a week or two…

Answer #5

Jesus cause then I know that id be safe :-)

Answer #6

OMG! I could soo make an awesome story out of this! Okay one person…my real person would be Austin Cates= REALLY HOT GUY IN MY CLASS! And my fictional person would be Brian Robeson= the guy from the book Hatchet, yeah…

Answer #7

My boyfriend, nothing like a really long walk in the woods… I’d probably spend more time with him there than ever before…

Answer #8

My boyfriend, because I love him more than anyone else in the world, and no matter what happens, as long as I’m with him, I’ll be happy

Answer #9

My dad - because he thinks of nifty ways to handle different situations.

Answer #10

Edward (bear) Grylls. and before anybody says anything diverse about Bear, you should read up on his past before you do so. and also if you try to tell me Survivor man is better than go ahead and rough it with your x radio DJ, I personally rather hack it with the youngest brit to ever climb MT Everest (23 years old) who was not only one of the only people to survive that trip, but also did so 6months after parachuting out of a jet and breaking his back in 3 spots (wasnt supposed to ever be able to walk again). not to mention the several other world records he has broken.

Answer #11

my friend because the woods is the pot smoking area in my town

Answer #12

Your mom…because shes pretty bangable ;]

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