Losing fat fast?

Ok so am 5’1” 120 pounds 15 years old Fat! So 2 days ago I started only eating 500 calories at day Would that make me loose fat? Fast?

Answer #1

that might help. along with daily excersises.

Answer #2

your not fat. your very healthy. your bmi says you are a perfectly healthy weight! and 500 calories willl make you into a skelliton. thats how anorexics eat.

Answer #3

no, in actuality, it will make you sick and ultimately gain more weight.

you have to eat more calories to have the energy to exercise more.

A good clue to go by… if you are hungry, you should eat.

if you work out before you eat, you will burn more calories when you do eat.

Eat about 1200 calories a day (still a diet compared to what people usually eat) from health food sources. No junk food. No soda. And exercise for at least 30 minutes a day.

if you do it the way you are doing it you will lose muscle weight and you will look more like a skinny blob than thin and fit.

Answer #4

Try just eating healther than what you’ve been at, and try to do excersises like walking, speed walking, or jogging which increases your metabolism. It’s what I do. Just don’t over do it. It’s not a good thing to starve yourself like that or in any other way. You could also end up harming your body, and plus eating way more than you usually do can cause you to eat way more than before. It also slows down your metabolism like some people may have said before me.

Answer #5

at that rate your just going to gain it all back what you probably dont understand is that your STARVING YOURSELF 1000 calories a day is on the brink of starvation so at 500 calories a daty, your starving yourself by doing this your body will end up loosing fat BUT since your not putting any food in which is fuel for your body and contains necessary nutrients you need to live everything else you eat will go on as fat so you wont end up loosing any weifght and if you do, youll gain it all straight back, and then some stop what your doing because its just stupid and unhealthy if you want to loose weight and actually keep it off exerscise reguarly and eat healthy you might not evenneed to loose any weight anyway because if you just want to starve yourself because you think its a quick fix you it wont work weight loss doesnt happen quickly it happens GRADUALLY, in a few months and if your not willing to put in the effort to loose it your not going to loose anything

Answer #6

500 calories / day is suicide. You can’t lose fat fast and it isn’t something very healthy. You will destroy your metabolism by starting eating 500 calories / day. Start slowly. How many are you eating right now? Diminuate the number slowly - this will fasten your metabolism, and this is what you want. Also, do some sports…

Answer #7

Nope, you won’t lose weight. :) To make a long answer short, you’re body will go into starvation mode and hold on to any calories you consume, causing you to not lose weight, or even worse…make you GAIN weight. I ate only 300 calories for awhile, and it was torture. You should be able to enjoy food without going crazy! That’s what I know now. Anyway, after I started eating again, I gained all of the weight back. If you want to make yourself miserable whilst gaining weight/not losing any, that’s the way to do it.

Good luck eating normally again.

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