How long does it approximatively take for a surgery scar to heal?

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An appendectomy scar will completely heal within a few months, but if you're asking when it will vanish - it might never. You can try scar creams like Maderma to see if you can lighten the scar, but that's a deep cut and the scar tissue goes through several layers of flesh.

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Oh thank you. I also had a hernia removed about 3 years ago and the scar isn't very noticeable, but i'm guessing a hernia and appendectomy is a different story right. ?

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They're both pretty major surgeries - you may be fortunate enough to have elastic skin that can hide scars better.

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my scar from appendectomy hasn't disappeared, but you will get used to it being there, to the point you wont even remember its there.

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a few months or so. try putting cocoa butter lotion and fish oil on the scar to help it heal faster and go away.

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