How much would this OLD tub be worth?

my dad bought an ooolld house.. and well we just finished remodeling it and well the owners left and old antique looking tub there that looks like the one in the pic EXCEPT its not that color its a dirty yellow and its legs are silver if we gave it a good cleanin it would look good..he wanted to throw it away but we insited in finding out if it was any good like if it was worth money..a lot or so..since its antique and not one of those re-made antique ones that they make..u know the imitations.. can anyone estimate around what would its value be??

x thank you in advance x

Answer #1

this is how the tub looks like kinda

I accidently deleted it in my main question.

Answer #2

You would have to get it appraised. Depending on it’s condition, size, orginiality, and how old it is, it could be worth a few thousand dollars.

Answer #3

well maybe a few hundred… if you go and put it on like a site you can go on thousands

from danielle

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