Are you more likly to scar from getting a cut on metal or glass?

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i think u can get equally scared by both.

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i would say metal? glass, is really sharp, and pierces the skin alot easier than metal, it takes more force to get cut with metal.

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I think it depends how deep the cut is.

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Probably glass more than metal, because glass, if you cut your self then little bits can go into your skin and cause it to swell or something. Metal, depending on how bad you cut your self won't give you a big scar. Glass, would probably be the one to give you more of a real scar than anything.

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It really depends.. if u were to accidently to cut ur foot on a pice of glass the jagged edges will tear the skin and it will scar more than metal unless the metal razor sharp and cuts deep then it scars really well.

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Okay. It depends on how deep the cut is, how clean the cut is and how sharp the metel or glass is. There really is no yes or no to this, it all DEPENDS. lol :D

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The more jagged the wound the more in will scar. So whether glass or metal it is the resulting wound that matters. (Think of a sterile surgeon's scalpel vs. a rusty lid from a tin can.)
Wounds that get a doctor's care are also less likely to scar than if you take care of it yourself.
However, any wound that is deep will result in some scarring.

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I'm concerned about the reason you are asking this - why do you need to know?

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