Are scars easy to get rid of ?

I was in a car wreck a few months ago , some glass hit my arm and left scars , but I don't think the glass got past the first layer.Are there any ways to get rid of them besides doing to the doctor ?

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Use neosporen (sp)

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Buy Mederma.. a few years ago, my brother cut the top of my finger up with branch cutters... Mederma made it go from ''ew, that's nasty'' to ''oh, that's gross'' lol.. but really, it helps

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Bio-oil is raved about alot,my sister is using it for her stretch marks but she says it just makes it lighter, she hant been using it for too long tho

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It depends on how old the scar is, the newer the easier to heal, but if its been there for a while even mederma takes 3 months, which in my mind isnt worth the price

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No..... They take a lot of time and TLC to clear up. One of the best things to do to use some kind of cream. I use Cocoa butter but there are plenty out there

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