Who actually likes imitation crab meat?

Answer #1

I do, only when I pan fry them though. I add soy sauce and sugar to it, and then just cook it with oil on the pan, it tastes great that way. Otherwise, no :/ I’d rather have real crab meat.

Answer #2

I do… I like the different flavor, and the fact you don’t have to go through any shells to get it.. =)

Answer #3

i dont know. If some one throws a meat substance in front of me i throw a bunch of seasoning on it. just a bunch of random seasoning on t and hope it tastes splendid. I might of had imitation crab meat before, but if i did, i seasoned it with random seasoning and it was splendid.

Answer #4

Its… okay. Not great to me but not teribble either :)

Answer #5

i do!

Answer #6

I like it okay. If someone gave me the option of real vs. Fake though, I’d have to go real. I like it heated up with a little garlic butter like you’d eat the regular stuff.

Answer #7

Yeah, my real crab meat always gets cold be the time I get through the shells:/

Answer #8

I like it on salads. But some imitation crab meat and some shrimp on a salad and you got a delicious seafood salad!

Answer #9

i doo, but not all are good. you have to buy the right one

Answer #10

i like it but i do prefer the real crab , i just look at it as a piece of fish and dip it in the cocktail sauce when i eat it.

Answer #11

One of my favorite foods :)

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