What are some awsome come backs so that I dont get served?

I need it asap so that I can have some awsome come backs to use on my friends

Answer #1

LOL…got some but they are not very nice ones ;)

  • Is that your face? oh so sorry, I mistaken your behind for your face.

  • Hmmm, I’m an idiot?, well it must take an outstanding idiot to know another outstanding idiot.

  • Will you hurry up and talk faster, your backside moves quicker then your mouth.

  • Who died and made you God?, so shut it.

  • Laugh any louder, and the zoo keepers will be after you.

  • Is that a cucumber in your pant or are you just happy to see me?.

  • Happy Birthday to you…You live in the zoo, you look like a monkey and you smell like one too.

Answer #2

“Come back when you grow a pair.” That’s a good one XD

Answer #3

ctsurf If you answer my question you’ll be awsome too.

Answer #4

Thanks you guys. Your awsome!!!

Answer #5

my 8 year old neighbor told me to “go climb a tree” after I told her to suck a fat one. lol. I use that on my friends (not as a real comeback, just as a joke obviously) but yeah I don’t know

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