Liberal society or Conservitive society?

I understand both aspects of them. But what is the deeper story?

Answer #1

“Core Values.”

Right, conservatives are all about core values. Core values like unnecessary war, or insane trade policies, or tax cuts for the most wealthy american while leaving the middle class twisting in the wind, or anti-union and anti-labor policies, or corporate interests over the interests of the people, or ridiculous gun policies that would allow anyone to walk around with a semi-automatic weapon, or contempt for our constutional rights, or deficit spending never before seen. Are those the core values you are talking about?

Well said camppapa. If it weren’t for liberals, this country would still have salvery, no right to vote for women, and no social progams to help the less fortunate of us. We wouldn’t even has social security. Show me one contribution conservatives have had that has helped the people of this country?

Answer #2

The issue is about “values”, but I think it’s more about understanding the consequences of what we claim to believe. From the beginning in the US we claimed to believe in democracy…but not everyone could vote. Conservatives limited voting to white male property owners, liberals finally established universal sufferage…all races, sexes, and economic levels. Now it’s not a conservative v. liberal question. Conservative religionists supported and defended slavery, while liberals maintained that it we really believed what the Declaration of Independence said, it ought to be applied to everyone regardless of sex or race. All too often a when a “conservative” is defending the status quo and his/her privilege in the name of “values”, he/she is at the same time denying the right of another of have an opportunity for the same advantage. We ought to conserve that which is the best in our tradition and be liberal in extending the benefits of those values to others.

Answer #3

Core Values.

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