Liberal vs libertarian.

I’m not really sure where I would be. I don’t like taxes . What would I be? Or both?

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Libertarian’s are far more against raising taxes as a solution for all ills.

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There is a huge difference between liberals and libertarians. Basically, libertarians believe government should be extremely small, and that individuals should be left to there own devices, with little help from government. They believe the free market will ultimate control things most fairly. They think the only services the government should provide are to for infrastructure (roads, bridges, ports, etc…) and the common defense (military, police, prisons, national security).

Liberals believe that government is not evil, and can do plenty of good, and most times can provide much better and more effecient services than the free market does. They believe that we as a society have an obligation to help the least of us.

Liberal and libertarians do agree that government should not interfere with peoples privacy and liberty, like Bush has with unwarranted wiretapping, anti-abortion stance, torture, and denials of habeus corpus rights.

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how come you do not like taxes? thats what I am trying to figure out…

listen to jimahl, they make a good point!!

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…it’s was to difficult to imposed libertarian, some people will abused this so called free will, people would be uncontrolled and crimes may rise. However Liberal could also be risk if the people who handle the government of a certain nations are the one who abuse their government activity, Using their position to steal money to the public.

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Good question Lizzy Just remember “To Thine Own Self Be True”. In order to make an educated decision you “should” investigate. So many have their head in the sand and believe everything they hear in the “so called news” or read in leftist newspapers. Believe me their is help out their and you just have to ask. As far as taxes go I am anti IRS and federal income tax. The 16th amendment (95 years old) is a curse on the citizens of the United States. Check out the FairTax - Hope this helps you make your “own” decision.

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… you could be a libertarian but that more like an anarchy ( YES ITS GREAT NO COPS YOU CAN RACE YOUR CAR EVERYWHERE)

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