Leo Littles Big Show-Disney Channel

answer these questions- who plays Leo and his sister? who thinks Leo is HOT?!??!? how old are they?

Answer #1

What??? thats not a question!! jeese!!!

Answer #2

I think leo is hot and im a boy

Answer #3

I think leo is so hot.

Answer #4

Leo is Leo Howard.

He’s 11, and his website is: http://www.leo-howard.com

Answer #5

hey its Parisa remeber me we met at dinas party with Nicole it was grate! youwere 3 years old

Answer #6

hey AMY you are awesome and leo is sooo cool by the way how old is AMY I don’t know how old AMY is

Answer #7

when are their birthdays/

Answer #8

Leo is Leo Howard, his sister is G. Hannelius his is cute! lol he is 11 and she is ten


Answer #9

I think leo is hot and I dont like her 10 years old sister

Answer #10

I hate dem but dere kinda kool. but dere like 10 or 11

Answer #11

Hey Amy You Are Cool and Leo Is Sooo Hot… Bye The Way I Keep Wondering How old Are You? And Your Brother Is Very Cute! PS.PLEASE CALL ME 786-217-2911 OR 786-344-2516 PLEASE TRY 786-344-2516 FIRST. THANK YOU!

Answer #12

leo is 11 and hannah is 10

Answer #13

Leo is played by Leo Howard and he is 13 years old. his sister is played by Genevieve Hannelius and she is 12 years old I think Leo is cute but not cuter than Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber is HOT!!!

Answer #14

can I be! on your show leo im a big fan your friend arina esquibel?!

Answer #15

are you leolittlesbigshow

Answer #16

I think that leo is cute, so hot and sexy.

Answer #17

leo is just so sexy

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