Are 15 year olds too old to watch the disney channel?

Ok,I Am 14 I Will Be 15 in October…I’ll Be A Sophmore This Year..Am I Dumb For Liking The Jonas Brothers And All The Disney Channel Stuff… I Watch Wizards Of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana, Cory In The House, JONAS, Phineas And Ferb…And All Those Shows… What Is Your Opinion On That?

Answer #1

It’s all good to tell you the truth sometimes my brother and sister watch those shows with me and there 21 and 26 LOL so it’s good your never to old to watch a disney channle

Answer #2

I think it is a little immature, but you could like who ever you want!! =]

Answer #3

no. jonas brothers are for ALL ages so you are never to old for them :) and big fans of jb watch JONAS so thats not to old either. and all the others, ok, theyre arent what everyone watch that age, but its good to be different and what the heck I know a 19 year old who sometimes watches it so your not too old :)

Answer #4

Yaya!! Finally Someone Who Understands Me!! Thanks xxjjxx

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