Old disney channel shows, who else remembers?

Does anyone remember the shows like So weird. Zorro. The jersey. Jet jackson. If you have anymore, please put them down.

Answer #1

The one’s I remember:

Adventures in Wonderland (I still watch it - I bought them all on DVD) The Care Bears Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers The Book Of Pooh Gumby The Proud Family Sabrina’s Secret Life Dinosaurs The Little Mermaid (tv series) Eerie, Indiana New Kids On The Block (tv series) Boy Meets World All Dogs Go To Heaven (the tv series) Braceface Doug Sister Sister

Answer #2

I remember The Book Of Pooh The Proud Family Sabrina’s Secret Life Braceface Doug Sister Sister Boy Meets World The Little Mermaid so weird the famous jet jackson and you can even watch so weird on youtube they have every show possible I’m watching it now I was just looking for something :) disney is losing it’s cool

Answer #3

Does anyone else Remember a show every weekday morning right after Franny’s feet and before King. I cant remember what its called but there was an orange guy with a trunk who always invented things and a blue guy who carried a doll that was a smaller version of him. There was rabbits that owned a store and two birds with british accents!!

Answer #4

Rugrats Kenan & Kel Boy meetes World All That Double Dare Doug Get the Picture CatDog KABLAM! The Comics Angry Beavers Figure It Out Finders Keepers Legends of the Hidden Temple Ren & Stimpy The Offbeats Rocko’s Modern Life Lloyd in Space Rocket Power Recess Even Steevens Lizzie McGuire Sister Sister The Amanda Show Big Bear in the Big Blue House :) Blues Clues (: The Proud Family Braceface Sabrina’s Secret Life

Answer #5

What’s that one with the two kids and they had that time machine that bright people back from the past to help them with their problems the one with that helet thing?

Answer #6

im only 17 but i miss the old disney so much wakin up in the mornin watchin pb&j otters,Rolie Polie Olie,big blue house, winnie the pooh…etc and comin home from skool 2 watch shows like Famous Jett Jackson, So Weird, Lizzie Maguire, The Jersey, Even Stevens, etc. i wish they had a channel where they carried all disney old shows.

Answer #7

I know what show you’re talking about! :D Haha. I’m pretty sure its called “Elsewhere” And the orange guy with the trunk, his name is “Something” and the blue guy’s name is “Something Else” but they call him “S.E” Haha, I looked everywhere to find an episode or two online, but nothing come up :(

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