Answer #1

I know about this one from the TV show The Office. From what I observe, it’s really unhealthy. Plus all you do is drink lemonade right? So that’s just ridiculous. You won’t get scurvy as long as it’s natural lemonade (scurvy is caused from serious lack of fruits and vegetables), but you will have bad health problems. Your skin color will look horrible; you’ll probably get dark circles under your eyes… You may or may not lose weight but if you do lose weight it could be a LOT to the point of gross skinny-ness. I suggest the classic balanced diet. And just add more celery into your life. It’s like a filler basically. And it takes more energy to eat that it produces so therefore weight loss. Drink a lot more water. 8 cups of 8 ounces a day. 64 ounces is basically the recommended amount for the physically average adult human. There are always small differences, though. Stay FAR away from fast food, energy drinks and pop. To distinguish fast food from regular food, I mean greasy and fatty and salty stuff. Even if you’re at a restaurant, you have to know when the food is not right. I also see vegetarians are quite healthy too. And hey, exercise more. Work hard. Get a routine going. People seem to think they don’t have to work hard to get results in the health department. And when they don’t get perfect Barbie-and-Ken results they become depressed or angry.

Answer #2

just googled it, and it doesn’t sound very healthy at all! you lose weight, but its all muscle and water, and you would just gain it all back straight after… so no it doesn’t really. honestly it’d just be better (and healthier) to cut down on calories, eat more fruit and veg, do more exercise and drink and sleep plenty. that is what will help in reducing fat (& not water and muscle like the lemonade diet). a more sensible diet would be a vegan diet.

Answer #3

Yeah sleep plenty but not too much. You can gain weight from too much or too little sleep.

Answer #4

It is better known as “Master Cleanser.” The idea behind it is a detox diet but we know detox diets don’t really work; the theory behind it is based on long discredited theories. It is obviously a way to drop a lot of weight quickly. Several movie stars have used it to loose weight for movie rolls; the most famous being Beyonce for her part on Dreamgirls.

I’ve tried it; I never made it to the prescribed 10 day minimum but I managed 7 days once. As far as fasts go it is easier to stay on than others I’ve tried. There does seem to be something to the peppery lemonade concoction that makes it easier to stay on.

Fasting of any kind is very stressful to your body. If you are in good health than a fast probably won’t kill you but if you have any health issues it is inadvisable.

You best bet is to eat a healthy diet and get a healthy amount of exercise. Quick fixes like Master Cleanser do not provide long term results. Easy come, easy go.

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