Are they legalizing marijuana?

i heard two states are O.O isn’t it bad?

Answer #1

Yes, they legalized the recreational use of marijuana. No, not necessarily.

Answer #2

The question isn’t if marijuana is good or bad; it is whether the laws are good or bad. In my opinion the laws against recreational use of marijuana do more harm than good.

Answer #3

I think I’m understanding where you’re coming from… This is a common argument which suggests that restricting marijuana usage results in greater levels of its abuse. Studies I have read suggest otherwise, but finally we will have a chance to see which position of the law is actually the right one. Should be interesting.

Answer #4

Recreational use is pending legalization in Colorado possibly Washington. Marijuana is obviously used medically, for a variety of ailments, most commonly depression, anxiety, etc. It is by no means any more bad then it is good. It’s a pretty neutral drug.

Answer #5

I think that while the stuff is illegal, it is impossible to control it. Because all sales are illegal and happen in dark corners. If the stuff is legal but restricted, like cigarettes or alcohol, then there are ways to ensure a certain quality of the product. And ways to rise taxes for it, by the way.

But I see a problem for people who are genetically prone of the most negative consequences - marijuana can trigger psychic diseases like schitzophrenia and paranoia if you have the genes for those.

Yet, I am sure that legalizing but controlling all the drügs (giving doctors the right to prescribe them to addicted people) would have no big consequence on the spread drüg abuse - but one big consequence for society: All the mafia organizations would be broke within half a year.

Answer #6

I hope they do, as it can be also used for other purposes, such as healing the sick.

Answer #7

There are other costs to the laws. It cost more to keep someone in prison than it does to send someone to Harvard. A conviction not only means jail time but will will be on every employers and creditor’s background check meaning it will drag them down for the rest of their life making it that much harder to reach their potential and be a productive member of society. There are non-violent offenders rotting in prison who have been there longer than most rapists and murderers. At most the penalty for mere possession should be a small fine. Someone who sells to kids should still go to the big house but if it is between consenting adults on their own time it really shouldn’t be much of a concern.

Answer #8

Unfortunately Montana voted for stricter control of medical marijuana. Voted so that “caregivers” can’t make a profit or recap cost, so makes it pointless to grow. Also they can only have a max of 3 patients. I personally voted for less control, and let them make money so it can be taxed.

Answer #9

Federal law supercedes State laws so even if it passes in the States it will still need to adhere to the Federal laws on it.

Answer #10

Actually, I just found out, it all makes sense now. Gay marriage and weed being legalized on the same day… because…. Leviticus 20:13 “if a man lays with another man, he should be stoned”.

People have just been misinterpreting that.

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