What is legal bud?

There are web sites that say they sell “legal bud” what makes what they sell different then illegal bud.

Answer #1

legal bud advertisement you saw is not marijuana its claimed to have a high like weed but its not the same its pretty pointless, but I disagree with sue90 that it can make you sick if they made you sick they wouldnt be in business cus apparently its being sold everywhere, theres an ad of it in hightimes magazine

Answer #2

Dear lillygold, These web sites sell different kinds of plants that they claim can give you a high like pot. Most if not all these herbs, plants are dangerous if smoked or eaten etc. They are not regulated for pesticides, chemicals or additives etc. If someone has allergies they can get very sick from many of these herbs and plants. We see many kids at the emergency room with problems from what they have bought on line or in stores that sell this stuff. It’s in the works to pull all this stuff of the market…but I’m afraid we will end up seeing more deaths first. Sue…good luck

Answer #3

!?!?!?! What country are you from? it’s illegal in any way shape or size in the United states unless you have a perscription for it. and then you can only buy the stuff the government produces for medical study.

Answer #4

I am assuming that ‘bud’ means marijuana. It MIGHT be legal for them to sell it. That doesn’t make it legal for you to buy it. Or have it, or use it. It is against Federal law to use, buy, or have marijuana. Period. Sorry, lillygold, but it’s not a loop hole. You might get away with it for a bit, but you leave a paper trail while doing so.

Answer #5

It’s also illegal to sell it.
The poster knows this, that’s why he asked what was different about it. It might not have THC in it.

Answer #6

Its actually made of some sort of Opium lettuce most of it anyway. And I bought some of it because I’m on probation and I missed 420. So me and my girlfriend smoked it I was high after the third hit so were all of my friends that tried it. But my girlfriend had a strange reaction to it. She Thought she had died and that I was an angel. Before that she had no Idea who I was and where she was. she had three pretty intense seizures. The next day she thought that she was a piece of paper. She also has Skitzofrania. She has two friends that she talks to but no one can see or hear them except for her. one of them told her to strangle herself on the swingset. I immediately suggested state hospital. I love this girl so much, I cant lose her.

MY name is Ethan worthington, I am 15, and I am six months sober. Email me if you have any questions or comments. lashhasastash@aol.com

Answer #7

Actually marijuana is legal. if you exceed the legal amount then it becomes illegal and you will be charged with intent to distributed if you are ever caught

Answer #8

what make it legal is itis not Marijuana. . . Just an Herbal mixture.

Answer #9

the website might be selling it from a part of the world where it is legal to buy and sell it

Answer #10

yo just to informe you all. this I not real it is probably lions tail (leonorus ,klip dagga ,wild dagga)(a strain of plants used in other countries as medicine. wich gives you mild high, if sprayed with JWH-018(man made thc) then it becomes parallel to marijuana buzz. so boom ya ..killed multimillion secret

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