What's legal bud?

What in the hell is legal bud???

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DO NOT TRY extract like 10x, 15x, 20x, 100x, etc if why ou are just looking for a ay to get high. Salivia extract is not a high, it is like in movies when the guy goes in the smokey tent with the shaman and goes on a spiritual journey. It is very powerful and NOT a party of FUN drug. It is serious and used for inner exploration. Respect it.

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Forget about 'legal bud'. If you want to get stoned, try low doses of psychedelics.

Try 1 fresh leaf of salvia divinorum - which is 100% legal. Also very good for opening the mind's eye. You can buy salvia plants completely legally. Which is of course one of the contradictions of 'prohibition' because salvinorum A is more powerful than LSD (which itself is based on the ancient fungus called Ergot that grows on wheat).

Prohibition makes no sense, because there are thousands of plants and fungi that contain DMT, psilocybin, etc.

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Did I mention it contains no Cannabis sativa?
Some of it is Salvia divinorum
Most are a cross breed various potent plants used throughout history from various tribes and cultures to smoke for ceremonial use to come up with these legal buds.

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a herb mixture that contains nothing that is illegal.

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it pot that has a very small amount of thc in it so it legal

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I learn somthing new on here every day. Thanks mealw.

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YES frenzy is right. salvia has to be respected. I have been a salvia cultivator for 8 years now I should know. NO there is no salvia in legal bud. NO it is not 100% legal for the U.S. did you know 15 States have made it illegal? they would not put a hulsnating plant in fake cannabis. now salvia is 100% legal in Canada and yes fresh leafs are the best you need 8-10 large leafs chewed for 20 min to reach a peak.

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