Learning to play the acustic guitar...

is it har to play the acustic guitar?

Answer #1

It only takes about 3 months to learn the basics. But Im in my 9th month of playing so far, and it has become easier. You just have to practice a lot, and whenever you have spare time, if you really wanna get good.

Answer #2

I started when I was 6 and didn’t find it too hard…but I’d already been playin piano for 3 years so that might of helped.

I honestly couldn’t say if it’s hard to pick up 8 years later :P

Answer #3

I tried it my freshman year of high school and found it very difficult. I took classes for a few months and never made it past my instructor’s first song! I’m not patient and never tried playing any instrument before the guitar, so don’t base your decision on me!! Try it out. I think it would be an amazing and rewarding skill to have.

Answer #4

Not really classical is the hardest in my opinion at least but if you have talent in that section then it should not be too hard to learn if you have a good teacher.

Answer #5

ah its actually wicked :D

I tried once doing that song wonderwall by oasis afterall thats such a lovely song :p

Answer #6

Well its not easy.. it comes naturaly for some people, so if it doesn for you, of course its going to be a challenge.

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