Anxiety over learning to drive

I’m really ancious to learn how 2 drive, but I want 2 know, is it hard to learn? I dont think it will be for me, but was it for u? any funny stories or advice 2 share?

Answer #1

I have a funny story:) so it was the day of my driving test…I was taking it in my mom’s brand new mercedes benz. if you have ever seen the interior of one, its a little different because its german so the little icons and stuff are odd. anyway, before we began the instructor was standing out in front of the car having me do some arm signals for the blinkers and stuff, then he had me place the parking break on…thats when I realized I wasen’t sure where the parking break was. I looked down to the left by my foot which is typically where the parking break is located and saw a big orange lever. I gave that orange lever a pull and BOING up went the hood of the car hitting the instructor right in the chin!!! uh yah, I thought for sure I was going to fail just because of that, but it ended ok and he actually laughed it off..Phew!! I passed. Have fun learning!!! you will feel so liberated once you learn!!! Ahh freedom!!!

Answer #2

I first learned how to drive in a souped up 1957 Chevy 4-speed. I kept chocking it. That means that it kept cutting off. I was lucky to live out in the country and had a long paved driveway and then a long dirt road to practice on.

Even after I learned, I used to get so scared when I would get on a heel and someone would get behind me. I was afraid that my car would roll back into someone. Those older cars were very hard to drive. The clutch wasn’t easy like new cars are. A few times I made people go around me.

If I can drive a car like that, anyone should be able to drive an automatic (if that’s what you have) or even a straight drive unless it’s an old car like I drove back then (in the 60’s).

It’s just a matter of keeping it on the road and on your side.

You just need to have a place to practice, besides a main road. Are you going to take drivers ed? Do people still do that? Excuse me, I’ve been living under a rock, lol.

Answer #3

yep, going to take driver’s ed in my HS if they have it. I’m pretty sure that they still have it.

Answer #4

nope, it’s not hard… hmm funny story, I was driving with my cousin, going around a corner, forgot to straighten the car, and so it kept going in a curve… ended up crashing into the sidewalk (well the funny part was the look on my cousin’s face, he refused to take me out driving again)

Answer #5

no its freakin easy I read the book in a day and I aint no nerd, you dont even have to read the book when you take the worthless test its all common sense

Answer #6

In the beginning you’re going to be scared surely. After a few hours of driving you start to gain more confidence in your skills. When I did my driving exam, I had learned all by heart, like when and how to change lanes without really using my instict. After I passed, it took me around 300 km on a manual car to get used to it. Now I’m driving with no problem - and I was VERY anxious before my test, hardly even slept. If you want to be a good,confident driver, you should follow the road rules even if there is noone, even if it’s 2 am in the morning. Stop and Stop signs, drive within the speed limit,etc.That way you’re going to drive easily in traffic. Good luck

Answer #7

Not really hard - just make sure you’re aware of objects around you and leave plenty of room/space - practice in a large vacant lots if able - make sure you know what a 3-point turn-around is - and when you get your license, remember do not get distracted from your #1 job - keeping your attention on driving the car - and don’t grip the steering wheel so tight - You’ll be fine !!

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