How do you drive with a stick shift?

My boyfriend is supposed to teach me to drive stick. This will be my first time driving stick and I am very scared. I know once I get my hand on it I will probably screw it up. Is there something I can learn about driving with a stick so I can impress my boyfriend with something? His truck has a huge stick much bigger than a car’s. Is it harder to handle the bigger ones or should I tell him that I should start with a smaller one first?

Answer #1

ok well when u are starting push the clutch down all the way then shift and keep it down then let the clutch of as u put the gas down, try to do it so when u have the gas as far down as u want the car to go fast so the clutch is all the way up. while u are going let off the gas as u push the clutch in then shift to second gear and do the same with the gas and clutch as the first time only do it faster. reversing is the same jsut going backwards.

Answer #2

Driving with a stick is the ultimate experience. You have total control of the car.

Just try to practice, that’s all. When I was younger my cousin taught me, and here’s the things that I learned:

  1. Know the gears
  2. How to deal with hill starts
  3. Using the gears to slow down or speedup the car

Stickshift driving is the experience that can make you feel as one with the car, and put you in total control. Some people don’t like that, but being immersed in the driving experience has its rewards.

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