Small grassy area would like to convert into a patio

I have a very small grassy area outside the front of my house and wish to turn it into a patio as will mean no matienance how do I go about this myself

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quite the comedian today
you know they will start looking for you if you not home by six

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also check out (do it yourself = diy) they have lots of home projects.

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thank you

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Hi Izzy,
When you say, 'very small grassy area' as I recall, don't you ,mean the size of a foldaway breakfast table?

I may have some spare slabs by the way. Two should do it.



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it requires a bit of elbow grease and a strong back... there is tons of info on the net but this one seems the most straighforward.

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Six? I couldn't manage six...thats far too many!

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