late period/condom broke PLEASE HELP

ok so im not on birth control. I have taken 3 pregnancy tests (4 but the last one didnt work) and they all say negative. the last time I had my period was june 15ish and now its aug 3. I have not had any signs of pregnancy. I was recently at a 5 week summer camp where I was very active and ate very healthily. I was on a schedule. since I got home I have not started and have not been as active and eating and sleeping sporadically. I have been having protected sex–I always use a condom. anyway tonight we were having sex and he pulled out and as he was going back in he started cuming and then condom broke as he tried to go back in. it popped and he got cum all over his hands but we dont think any got on me bc he never got in. the condom was spermicital. PLEASE JHELP ME AND LET ME KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!

Answer #1

The only thing to do is wait it takes about 3-4 wks to find out for sure but make sure you watch for signs after 3-4 wks try a pregnancy test as far as not having a period for so long check with your Dr if you havent showed signs and the tests are neg you most likely arent pregnant but it is a problem that needs to be fixed

Answer #2

well for not getting your period,I had the same problem and when I went to the docs they said it was polycystic ovarian disease…nothing serious or anything just that girls dont get their periods due to some sort of formation…so I doubt your pregnant..but it never hurts to wait for sum more time… but if you aint then go to docs for sure…u wanna be on the safe side always!

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