Why is my girlfriend a week late on her period?

Okay. So me and my girlfriend just had sex for the first time. She's late by a week now on her period. I'm only fifteen and so is she. WHAT DO I DO???!?!?!?!??! Please help me...

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dont panic too much...just get a prenancy test for her

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well maybe she is you know what

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Get a pregnancy test...

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Do a pregnancy test. You get them at most stores and can do them at home. Make sure you suport her because this will be a bigger shock to her as she is carrying the child. When you get a confirmation the pregnancy gt straight to the doctors so you can see how far along she is. Then you guys have a big decision to make. Do you keep the baby or have an abortion. It is totally up to you both but make sure you do the right thing for both of your futures.

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