Why do they not have lanes on the roads for scooters and mopeds?

Answer #1

We have some lanes, in New Zealand, for scooters. I guess it’s not a worldwide thing because it would take up too much space, time, and money for such a minority.

Answer #2

Most likely because a lot more people drive cars, than scooters or mopeds. It doesn’t really make sense to make a whole lane for mopeds and scooters, when not that many people will be driving them. It’s kind of a waste of space, that the cars could be using.

Answer #3

Well with the job situation and high gas prices more and more people are having to get scooters and mopeds.My oldest son drives one,and they really do need a lane of their own,if no other reason, for safely.He has already been hit in the rear end and was just lucky he was not killed

Answer #4

Agreed, there should be a thin small road for scooter and bicycles only. Nothing is more frustrating then following a scooter that is cruising along like a snail and you has numerous cars on the other lane which prevents you from changing lanes safely. Motorcycles should share the roads with cars, considering drivers can go just as fast or even faster then a car…….I love the picture of yours looks like a Honda Fireblade. :-) I love guys on sports bikes, especially on a yellow Ducati.

Answer #5

The newer cities have lanes for bicycles. In large cities with long commutes most people dont use them.

Answer #6

some roads have ‘bike lanes’ u use those. but i dont think mopeds should be allowed on main roads.

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