What would cause my car to stutter (electrically) and die?

I was driving down the road and my radar detector went crazy, the radio shut off and all of my guages fluttered, then the car died. So I started it and turned the radio, air condition, radar detector, and everything electrical off. I have tried everything and it still does it. Any ideas??

Answer #1

It might be the battery

Answer #2

Sounds like either a dead battery or your battery cabels are loose. Pop the hood and check the cabels that are connecting the car to the battery, make sure they are connected and that they are tightened as much as they can be. After that if the car still wont start..your battery is most likely dead

Answer #3

id start by looking at the alternator :S

Answer #4

tried it. It restarts and everything just fine, its just when i put it in gear, everything goes crazy.

Answer #5

got it tested at codys job, along with the battery. It’s all fine so I’m thinking wires may be crossed or shorting, but just don’t know where to start looking lol.

Answer #6

take it to an electrician.

Answer #7

Either the alternator is broken. Or a marten ate the insulation on some cables.

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