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Why is the Jeep Cherokee doing this?

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So tonight, I went and got my sister at the school who came back late from a field trip. I was parking in the parking lot, and I didn't know I was in a fire lane cause of the way the sign was. I shut the 1999 Jeep Cherokee 4.0L off right before I saw the sign. I figured "Well, I better move it" and not even a minute later I tried starting it and it wouldn't start. It was like it was coughing. Tried several times, just wouldn't start. I waited a little while (Like 5 min) tried again and it was tough but it started. It ran rough for the first 30 seconds or so so what I did was I revved it a bit and it was fine after. When my sister and I finally got home, I said "Ok, lets see if it'll do it again so you know what it sounds like". So I shut it off and tried starting it again immediately, same thing: It wouldn't start. What could it be? I'm sure it could be a number of things.. Perhaps loose starter motor wires?