Who knows if my skin will be ok after putting whitening toothpaste on my arms to fix my fake tan streaks?

i was sooo dumb and regret it and now it burns and i duno wat to do. will my skin be ok? no lexures plse i get it i was dumb and wrong and full of regret. but it burns so help plse!!!???

Answer #1

It’s just toothpaste. Toothpaste gets on people’s hands, face, and arms all the time while brushing their teeth. Just wash your arms thoroughly to stop the burning sensation, and it should be okay.

It’s probably just burning from the minty flavor of the toothpaste.

Answer #2

If you have sensitive skin then it may irritate it a bit but no serious harm will be done. Bathe your arms in warm water to soothe them, after moisturise. In future, exfoliate with a body scrub to help get rid of fake tan streaks as whitening toothpaste won’t do the job.

Answer #3

You will be fine. I know some of my model friends (and I am also guilty of this) use tooth paste once and a while to wash our faces. It helps with the oils. Its not something to do often because it can dry your skin out, but it wont hurt your arms. Your face is more delicate than your arms ^_^

Answer #4

thxx its btter i was just in a panic cuz my whole arms were burnin but ther alittle better now

Answer #5

No problem.

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