What could cause you knee to give out at random times?

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have you dislocated it in the past?

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I have that same problem, only it does that when i'm in gym and working it. It's really painful but it eventually passes. I think it just comes from working it to much.

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Being overweight

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but i wont be doing nothing ill just be walking and it will do that

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no i have not

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Maybe you are weak? Like sometimes when your blood sugar is low you get really weak, and sometimes your knees will give out. Talk to your doctor and ask him what all it could be, maybe he can check it out, maybe an x-ray?

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You may have injured your mcl... Like your axle its a structural tendon in your knee if its sprain or torn your knee could give out randomly.... However unless your knee is swollen and painful its probably just your body being lazy for a few seconds no worries

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idk im not really qualified to give you an exact awser lol but if its incredeblly consistant and is affecting your life negatively have a doctor look at it otherwise a cheaper solution might to go and buy a 204 knewe brace and see if it improves

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ill try that, thanks

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your welcome good luck!

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