What can i do about my knee?

So i had surgery on my knee 5 yrs ago they didnt put me on physical therapy til 6 months later... Now every time i stand for along time walk for a long time or kneel on it it just hurts... i tell docs and they tell me its my wieght or it didnt heal properly... and i used to be in dance and cheerleading so wat am i to do about the pain

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Ask your doctor for some kind of pain medication or just go buy some Advil.

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You need to go back to your doctor and get them to have a look at it. It sounds like the pain is possibly a symptom of a bigger problem. You shouldnt be experiencing pain five years later. Its not enough for a doctor to tell you its hurting because it didnt heal properly, they need to check it out and do something about it.

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Probably, you hit your knee somwhere unconciously and as your Doc. said maybe it didn't heal properly that's why you're hurting bt you should get an X-ray to check the damage done and how it can be fiixed.

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If it still is hurting you, it's because the trauma is still there. Find someone who is a Dianetistis in your area that can give you, what is called a Book 1 session. The session will take you direct to the cause of why it is still bothering you. Even better go to http://funadvice.com/r/befo57ko190, and ask where a Dianetist in your area is.

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