Kitty Cat

Am I able to train kittens NOT to jump on my furniture before they become cats? Are they smart enough? Also can you train them to comeon command? If I got a cat, it would stay indoors, like my Yorkshire Terrier, Tanner. I have fallen in love with a kitten at the humane society and I can’t let her go because she loves me too! I HAVE to convince my parents to let me buy her, she’s only $70! I can afford her, I have a babysitting job for 25 bucks a week! HELP!

Answer #1

I can afford her! :) And I don’t need her to come when I call.

Answer #2

cats are really stubborn and harder to train; but I am pretty sure they will do pretty much anything for treats at all ages…and you can always turn to the spray bottle method.

Answer #3

I got to cats and I traned them my slef and thay are smart to do that only if you get them as kittiens and they do come on comand but when there kittiens and it is better for them to rember there name. so keep saying there name a lot when there younger. and by the why it hope you get the cat and there easy to train

Answer #4

yes I do think that the kittie could learn I mean cats are very smart animals and good luck tryinq to buy it :) p.s. I am a big cat person myself! lol :)

Answer #5

You train them when they’re kittens… although getting them to come to you on command is a little hard, cats arent the most easily trained. You want a cat who costs $70 but cant afford her? how exactly are you going to afford food, litter, and vet bills?

Answer #6

yes kittens can defo be trained mycat plays with a ball abd brings it to me to throw for her best of luck with your new kitten and hope all goes well for you

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