help kitty cat

my cat is peeing red what should I do I told my grandma but she dosent care I know he needs to go to a vet but I dont know so help

Answer #1

It’s very common for cats to get UTI’s, stones…crystals in their urine. This kitty sounds as tho it has a urinary infection, and yes…that calls for going to the Vet for antibiotics…


Answer #2

But they also have vaginas (which is where the blood comes out) and they’re located closer to the anus than the urethra. You’re talking to a future vet here. Trust me on this. Pee isnt supposed to be red. Our pee is only red when it comes out and we’re on our periods beacuse our vaginas and urethras (where pee comes out) are close (and when I say close I mean CLOSE) together. Your cats are far apart (That is, if its a girl) and therefore should be checked. But if your cats not a girl all of this doesnt really matter to you. It could be a blatter infection or something more serious, but you’ll never know until its checked.

Answer #3

and if it isnt I would suggest going to the vet to find out whats going on and if it is a girl shes probably having her period!! girl animals have them too!

Answer #4

Take her to the vet. She probably has internal bleeding or something else really serious and she should be checked out. My dog was throwing up blood and he ended up dying so you should jump to action and be the quickness, or (Im sad to say) your cat could end up the same.

Answer #5

ok first of all is it a girl kitty?

Answer #6

Phrannie is right, and it can be signs of liver failure, kindey failure, if it is a male cat and is obstructed it can die in just a matter of hours, This cat needs medical attention.

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