How do I keep my kitten from jumping up on tables?

Answer #1

Ask it. You’ll be surprised. They do those things for attention. So what type of attention does it need.

Answer #2

honestly i think the only way is to just keep telling it no. use a firm voice and make it jump down off the table by easing it off. be consistent and it should eventually give up!

Answer #3

There’s a couple of things you can try. Pans on the edge of the table (obviously not heavy pans). So if they jump, they get scared when the pans fall. Spray them with water when they’re up there. The only problem with this is that they may climb up there when you’re not around. Try double sided tape, they dont like sticky stuff on their paws. And then the way I trained my cat was basically the time out method. When she did something I didnt like, I’d lock her in the bathroom for a little bit. She eventually learned what no meant, and what ‘come here’ meant. I mean you really just have to figure out what works for your cat. My cat has no issues with water and she likes to jump up and push things to the floor. However, she hates being alone. Also pick your battles. Cats like to jump and climb. I know people say if you let them climb some things and not others they get confused, but my cat knows which tables she can get up on and which ones she cant (basically the dining room tables are off limits). If you’re consistent, they will learn. You just have to be consistent. If somethings are off limits then they have to be off limits all the time. You cant just let it go this one time.

Answer #4

Try Glad Press and Seal (sticky side up). The cats don’t like the feel of it on their paws, and it’s not harmful to them.

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