Kids names

What would you name your child if it was a girl/boy???

Answer #1

I like these Boys Asher Cameron Chaun Braxton(my fav) Jake Rudy(also a girls name) Evan Brian Jeremy Justin Adam Daniel Girls Avery Melania True(fav) Apple(I know weird but I like it ,Fav) Brooke Natalie Curstin Sydney Courtney Jude Candace Ember Joyce Cristal Caleigh Apryl Skylea Lynn Tori Cryissa Gabe(also a boys name) True Hope Madison Lisa Violet Rose Lee Adrienne Ariel Paige Leslie

hope I helped♫Jessica♫

Answer #2

Hayden: Boy

Answer #3

Girls;; Taylor Mary-an Dominique Hollie Courtney Danielle Carmen Tamzin Francesa Evey Summer Bailey Jemima Mica Mia

Boys; Owen Dominic Marcaus Marcualy Joshuar Abigal Spencer Ryan Carl Aron David

Answer #4

Coffeepot, doesn’t matter whether it’s a boy or a girl. Yes, it was a silly bet but damn it’s hilarious. The second name would be a better, normal one and he/she would just go by that name in daily life.

Answer #5

My kids are

Colby Darrin Ethan Patrick

Kylee Sarina

I also love the names

Girl: Darian, Tatum, Lani and Shani

Boys: Nicholas and Sebastian

Answer #6

Girl - Grace, Lily Anne, Paris, Miley, Destiny, Courtney (If it wasn’t my name) Boy - Liam, Danny, Dylan, Cole, Brandon, HARRY…

Answer #7

for girls: nysaa bresslyn abigail lark ellie renesmee alice vixy julianna kendri kaori alikia sly keshon quincie kassira keltsi victoria vesper pearl everton evie e.v. satiir valees reese aleese river meadow kaleese lucy lilly sophia sephora kendrianna marticca keetan tony alexia

guy: cullen emmet alec alistar demetre stefen gabrial roman kale malachi devon shoney sebastian channing evrett rynan blair greyer dallin dalton jessperson benn bennin saber keifer zeke zadatari zad jackjack stetson jamie cassidee collin kaleb mitchell jello guiseppe

just random ones off the top of my head.

Answer #8

Girl: I really dont know. Boy: Victor (Vic)

Answer #9

Girl: Veronica or Brooke Boy: Luke, Jake, Jack or Chester.

Answer #10


Answer #11

Girl: Casey…Mimiko Boy: Andrew…

Answer #12

Girl - Bethamie Boy - I really want a girl baby!

Answer #13

girl- Mary Lynne, Georgia, Alyssa, Chelsea, Casey, Brianne

boy-Matthew, Mark, Andrew, Adam, Marcus

Answer #14

my boy is called spencer if he was a girl he was going to be holly or izzie(isabella)

Answer #15

Girl: Andriia,or maybee Alexandria or Julianna Boy: Kaleb,Joshua,Nick..

Answer #16

Girl: Alex Rose Boy:Andrew

Answer #17

a girl whitney and a boy william.

Answer #18

for girl:


for boy:


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