Keyboard symbols how do you make a love heart?

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To get that I just did what the person explained above clicked on the one I wanted and clicked copy :) Thanx for that because I dint know either :D x

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The ♥ is an alt command. Which means you hold the alt key while pressing a series of numbers on the keypad. when using a laptop, it's often necessary to have num lock on. the heart is alt+3 but there are hundreds of others like it. (ex:☺ = alt+1 and Þ = alt+0222) Then let go of the alt key to make the symbol appear.

If you want to know more of these, you can mess around with is by holding alt and typing in some numbers, or you can look them up on your character map.

To get to the character map (assuming you're using a PC with windows) hit start--all programs--accesories--system tools--character map. and in the lower right corner or the character map it will tell you the alt code for the selected symbol(assuming it has an alt code).

heart symbol

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hold alt in and press +3

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bah they blocked it. use the lesser than sign and put a 3 next to it.

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