Hearts on the keyboard?

How do you make heart with the keyboard

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<3 or ♥? I did the last one by going on word, going on 'Insert', then on 'Symbol', then its there in that box somewhere. Then you copy it and paste it onto your text! :)

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Either <3 (sideways heart, or
Hold down the 'ALT' key, typr the number '3' on your KEYPAD then release the 'ALT' key. NOTE: using the number '3' at the top of your keyboard will not do it, so many laptop users cannot do this trick.

Good Luck!!
♥ ♦ ♣ ♠

♪ ♫

They are called 'ALT codes'

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< and then the number 3. <3 and what that does in a chat or something is it turns intp a heart.

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You could do a sidewards heart <3

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no, I see people do like regular hearts.

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Do you mean like this <3 or x3 ?

How do you make a heart

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