How do you make those hearts while using the keyboard?

How do you make those hearts while using the keyboard
someone told me you are supposed 2 hold down ctrl and then 3 then let go of the ctrl but I dn't see nthn. but 3's

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press the left arrown then press three theres ya heart

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you use < and # 3 <3 <3 <3333 it shows hetter on emails

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Look for < on the keyboard, and then hit the 3, right next to each other.

<3. See?

Interesting fact: This was the first emoticon to have a spot in the 2009 List of Banished words, cause less than three makes no sense to many people, and its stupid looking too.

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if you actually want the heart not <3 you press:
alt and 3 on the number pad. if you are on a laptop:
alt-fn-3 ♥

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hold shift and press the left arrow button by the letter m then press 3

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oh, lol, I was like why didn't that turn up? it's the comma key I guess lol

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push "shift" then "<" and then "3"

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You hold down the shift key and press the button with the comma + the arrow above it.
Then let go of the shift key and press three
But just so you know, the arrows don't work on this site.

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