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Can anyone present a argument to justify prisons?

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Part of the reason convicts come out worse are the conditions, and lack of rehabilitation programs. If we would stop throwing hundreds of thousands of non-violent drug offenders in jail, there woudl be a lot more resources to make the system better for everyone, the public, and the prisoners.

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The justifications for prisons are:

1. Keep bad guys out of the general population
2. Act as a deterent
3. Act as proxy revenge for victims, so the victims won't take the law into their own hands. People don't like to admit this one, but it's true

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Prisons are to hold those who violate our societies laws. Violate the laws and you go to prison. That is the justification.

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Prisons are necessary to protect the general public from criminals.

They should not be used to house non-violent drug offenders.

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Go to a hard core prison...San Quenten for instance, and talk to a few inmates...you'll can do your own "justifying"

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Prisons protect innocent people from people with no emotion , feeling or regret from doing horrible , terrible things.
In some cases prisoners come out reformed , rehabilitation takes place in prisons,there are counselors.

So my justification of prisons are
1. Rehabilitation
2.Protection from them and form themselfs

But do bear in mind that not all prisoners can be reformed others come out more violent,more brutal,filled with more anger , to do worse things to people just for the fun , cause they think they can.

There are some really sick people in this world.

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Thank you for the answer phrannie but the question is what justifies prisons.

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So lunatics aren't roaming the streets raping/plundering/pillaging/utter chaos/lawlessness/murdering, just to site a few.

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