Junk food is good

Okay, I play sports and I’m very active. I eat lots of junk food, I guess I don’t always eat healthy food. I don’t want to get fat. How can I help myself?

Answer #1

well if your really active I think that you can eat anithing and not get fat buh mayb when you eat the junk food eat little portions at a time and eat slow becuase if you eat little portions at a time its less fat carbs etc.. and if you eat slow u’ll no when your full

Answer #2

stop eating junk food, no matter how good it is, a little is ok, but theres also a limit, experiment, you’ll find the happy median after a while.

Answer #3

You can pick snack that are healthy. For example- Raw Almonds, or Air popped popcorn with a little salt. Its all about what you decide to snack on.

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